June 27: Fortunes & Wisdom

I printed some fortunes and bits of wisdom the other night, and today at the Treasure Island Flea Market, I set them out on a table next to a jar that said "Pay What You Want".

There's all kinds of bits of things in the fortune/wisdom jar and all kinds of people dropped varying amounts of money into the money jar to pull something out. With varying responses to the pieces of paper too.

Two young girls came up to me (I was sketching) and said: "Excuse me, how does this work?" I told them they put whatever they wanted to (or not) in the money jar and pull out a slice of fortune or wisdom. They looked at each other in a secretive way - do you want to? No, do you want to? I looked back down at my sketch to give them some privacy; I just don't think anyone wants an audience to this oddly intimate moment in a public market. They must've pulled a fortune because the next thing I hear is "This is too real!" and "That's a good one!" and by the time I look up, they've run off, hair flying. I wonder what they pulled!