(belated) May 15, 2015: Girl Scout Cookies

I'm walking down Haight St. in San Francisco and there's a little girl selling girl scout cookies with her father out of a wagon across the street from me. I see some kind of punk/metal/hardcore band walking their way with their black instruments and loud hair. They pass the little girl scout without noticing her, except for the last musician who turns around as he walks by her and stops in his tracks. He says something to his bandmates who all turn around too.

They make a beeline for the little girl, and start buying tons of cookies. Not a box - like five boxes each, until they can't hold any more, especially with all the gear they're carrying already. The little girl is beaming; I can almost see her glowing from across the street. The band leaves, happy with the prospect of eating boxes of cookies. Her father looks terrified.