Getting Angular

I hang my show in six days.

Of course this means that I've recently started creating a very different body of work from what I started with. It's similar in subject and some parts of the process, but it looks quite different:

(as of yet untitled)

It's a black print on white paper. It's large too (for me) -- 20" x 30".

Although it's just one color - it's about 30 different shapes/layers printed on top of each other to form this thing. My inspiration comes from looking at black and white photographs of mountains covered in snow and how abstract they are all of a sudden- just harsh cracks of black and white. I wanted to recreate that intensity, that contrast -- wanted to build a mountain from angles and shards.

Two of these unnamed black mountain prints, side by side.

I wanted to make something really edgy, less comforting than my other works. Something standing up straight.


More to come.